Our Approach

The following statements summarize GEO Academies’ commitment to excellence. It as critical to the success of each school that each administrator, teacher and staff member on the team fully understands what we are about, what drives us, and how we make decisions.

Students First - A student-first focus where the success of the organization and team is entirely wrapped up in the achievement of its students. Barriers to student success are identified and broken down quickly.


Freedeom to Innovate - The organization is free to structure its program to meet the learning needs of the student population. In many cases, this means a longer school day and a longer school year than that found in a traditional public school setting.

High Performance Expectations for All - A deeply held conviction that great people and a performance-driven culture are critical to the success of all students. Each organization ephasizes carefully recruiting, selecting, developing and evaluating talent, especially at the principal and teacher level.

Embracing Data to Drive Performance - A deep commitment to use data to drive decisions and the allocation of resouces across the organization. These organizations have a firm conviction to use data to make hard choices.

Schools at the Center - The enterprise is built from the classroom and school level "up" versus an organizational model of a central, bureaucratic organization driven "top down" as is typical in most US school districts.

Decisions Made Closest to Students - An embrace of the concept of "bounded autonomy" - principals and teachers at the school level have considerable latitude for decision-making inside the construct of the academic, operational and financial model of the organization.

A Commitment to Service in the Home Office - The Home Office or central organization is a "service provider" that seeks to free schools and educators from operational burdens and allows them to maximize the time and resources that are focused on student learning.

Efficiency - A focus on efficiency, particularly with respect to non-school expenditures. This ensures funds are spent closer to the student and maximizes the amount of school time focused on student learning.

No Excuses - A fierce desire to maintain their organizational autonomy and effectiveness. They will not make compromises that threaten their ability to deliver on their promises to students and families.