Our Mission

GEO Academies believes that all children should have access to a quality education that includes college.

We embrace all quality educational options that enable parents to help their children learn and schools to succeed. Through extensive community outreach, educational awareness programs, promotion of options that empower families and the creation of new options, GEO Academies strives to make educational choice a reality for all families, regardless of ethnicity or income.

GEO supports all quality means of educating children including public, private, charter, religious, and home. We believe that all these educational choices have the potential for excellence. We work to help parents obtain the right to choose the educational option that is best for their child.

We also work to develop community understanding of school choice. We firmly believe that by presenting parents with a menu of educational options including public, private, charter, religious and home, we will strengthen all schools, creating excellent education for all children. GEO Academies specializes in building community awareness, grassroots leadership and support for educational options.