Every once in a while, itu2019s worth sitting back and taking a look at whatu2019s going on around you. Seems like some times we move so fast that we lose track of the progress we are making and we donu2019t consider the immenseness (is that a word?) of what we are doing.

I got into this battle to help low-income families access quality schools. That was the big goal. But there are lots of other incremental goals that take place along the way to achieving the big goal. One of those goals is having a building to do your work.

So, it is with that in mind, that I present to you the pictures below and above. The picture above is the new home of GEO Foundation on Meridian Street in Indianapolis. We moved in right before the pandemic started last year, then all of us went home. ud83dude42 Even still, this is quite a long way from my living room where GEO began in 1998.

Below are pictures of the schools weu2019ve started in Gary, Indianapolis, and Baton Rouge. We now have 10 campuses altogether. Five in Gary, one in Indianapolis, and four in Baton Rouge. Kind of hard to believe, really.

But, when you serve 3,600 students in these cities, you have to have a place for them to learn. And we are not done, yet. Weu2019ve been invited to start more schools in Baton Rouge. And Texas continues to beckon us.

While I appreciate the invitations, the goal remains the sameu2013to provide high quality education to underserved families. The goal is NOT to have a bunch of mediocre schools. Nope! So, we donu2019t start new schools until our current ones are standing on their own feet and producing great results.

I can tell you that our current schools are doing just that, too. From u201cTop Gainsu201d schools in Baton Rouge, to our top graduation rates and college and career readiness ratings in Indiana, our schools are kicking it. Thatu2019s why more invitations are coming in. Pretty exciting.

For now, Iu2019ll leave it there. Enjoy these pictures. Yes, they are just buildings. But they are more than that in the communities we serve. They are places where hope begins and goals are realized. Not just a proposed PDF plan, but real evidence of great work being done.

Thanks for being our friend throughout all these years. Thanks for believing in us. Letu2019s keep changing the world together!


Kevin Teasley
Founder & President
GEO Foundation