I shared with you last Friday that Inside Indiana Business was going to broadcast to their statewide television viewership a segment on GEO Next Generation High School this past weekend. Well, here it is. Click this link to watch it.

What is so exciting and different about this school? Well, as IIB Host Gerry Dick put it in his promo of the show, “GEO Next Generation High School is a public charter school that is preparing students for college by placing them in college classes while they are in high school. The bonus? It comes at no cost to the students.”

This is probably the best summation of what GEO is all about I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s another Emmy-award winner for Gerry Dick. It gets my vote.

With all the national news and discussions about equity issues, college affordability, and college completion, GEO is proud to do it’s part in real tangible ways. If these issues are important to you, and you want to do more than talk about it or read about it, consider joining our team. We are building a team of 500 corporate and individual partners donating $1,000 each in support of GEO. Your $1,000 contribution is tax deductible and will assist a high school student in Gary, Indianapolis, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana to not only earn a high school diploma on time, but earn college and/or career credits, and possibly a degree and/or certification while in our high schools, too. We started out 22 years ago (just like Inside Indiana Business) and today, we serve more than 3,400 students in seven different schools, three different cities, and two states. Click this link if you would like to donate today.


Kevin Teasley
GEO Foundation