January 10, 2019

Dear Friends:

I wanted to share this link with you from Fordham Institute, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected education reform organizations. They’ve been tracking our progress in Gary, Indiana and asked me to share our experience with their audience of more than 50,000 readers. Pretty neat opportunity to spread the good news.

I hope you enjoy this short piece. Click on this link to access the article. If that doesn’t work, click here https://edexcellence.net/articles/the-room-where-it-happens-changing-students%E2%80%99-college-outcomes-by-changing-their-self.

We are already hard at work replicating our school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this year. We plan to open in August. Can’t wait!

Yes, it’s fun changing the world together!

Kevin Teasley


GEO Foundation


Twitter: @teasleygeo


P.S: The picture above is of our high school students during college orientation day at Ivy Tech back in August of 2018.