Meet Nathan Hook.  Nathan is a senior at Pikes Peak Prep, a 12-year-old charter school located in Colorado Springs. Nathan graduates from PPP this May having earned both his high school diploma AND 61 college credits–his two-year Associate Degree from Pikes Peak Community College–while attending PPP.  Nathan is proof positive that we can expect more from our students before they graduate from high school.  He is proof positive that Coloradans can expect more from their K12 tax dollars.  Nathan, has received a K14 education with K12 dollars.  He is proof positive that PPP works.

Nathan plans to go on to complete his four year college degree in history and then his master’s degree.  He plans to teach and he wants to continue mentoring our students.

Pikes Peak Prep offers a unique early college program.  We go beyond the idea of college prep and actually provide our students college experience.  We believe it is extremely important for our students to receive college experience, on the college campus, while they are with us in our high school so that they gain the confidence and maturity to be successful when they graduate from our school.  So far, that is working.  While not every student earns an Associate Degree while in our high school, most earn 15 to 30 college credits.  Every credit they earn is a step toward college completion and step closer to success.

Pikes Peak Prep covers the cost of college tuition, textbooks and transportation for our students.  

Nathan is the second student to graduate from PPP having earned his Associate Degree.  And we are just getting started!  Onward!