Jamal Abdulrasheed graduated from a GEO Academy in YEAR.  He is now a law student at the IU McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis and a Business Associate at GEO Foundation.


Jamal’s mother decided to enroll him at a GEO Academy because of the small class size and the dual enrollment program with Ivy Tech. Jamal attended from 8th grade through 12th grade and pursued as many college classes as possible and graduated with 28 college credits.

“The teachers at GEO Academies made the biggest impact on me. Ms. Arthurton’s enthusiasm for school got me to be enthusiastic about school. Mr. Wheeler got me interested in politics, exposed me to history, and I was able to go on his field trip to Washington D.C. too!”

“Taking college classes at Ivy Tech through GEO Academy’s dual enrollment program really gave me a lot of confidence at 15 years old. I was sitting alongside other students who were much older than me and still able to hold my ground academically. I was earning A’s and B’s, and I was learning to be accountable and responsible for my academic performance. It made enrolling at IUPUI a lot easier–I already knew how to do college so I didn’t struggle in my freshmen year. I was able to hit the ground running. Because of my 28 college credits, I was able to enter IUPUI with my entire foreign language requirement completed.”

Jamal is now a law student at IUPUI, and earned merit based scholarships for law school as well.  One of the first people who got him interested in the law was an Ivy Tech teacher who taught his communications class, Abdul Hakim Shabazz. Jamal was exposed to the creative side of law careers through this class and thus pursued it as a career.

Jamal didn’t only have an academically enriching experience at his GEO Academy. He also played basketball as a guard for 4 years, did cross country track for four years, and participated in National History Society competitions.

In Jamal’s 12th grade year, his teacher, Ms. Arthurton helped him to secure a paid internship at the Teacher Credit Union, and for part of the school day each day, he would work there. “I became even more responsible because of that internship–I walked to and from my internship, and I was responsible for handling money and paperwork. It was a big deal for me at that young age to dress up, be professional, do all of that on my own.” This position turned into a job for Jamal after high school graduation.

During his senior year at IUPUI, Jamal applied for a Business Associate position at GEO Foundation, and after a tough interview, Jamal was enthusiastically offered a position at GEO Foundation’s home office.  Jamal chose to continue in that position while attending law school at IUPUI! 

Jamal graduated from IUPUI in Spring of 2016 and we look forward to celebrating his 2020 law school graduation!