USS Colorado Crew Visits Pikes Peak Prep!



Members of the USS Colorado made a special visit to Colorado Springs Wednesday.

The Executive Officer and three crew members of the new nuclear submarine talked to students at Pikes Peak Prep Charter School.

Crew members must undergo rigorous training and education to work on the nuclear powered submarine.

Wednesday, they shared their stories with students.

Lieutenant Commander Steve Col of the Colorado said, “A lot of (what we’re doing) is to inform about subs, the Navy, ask questions, engage and encourage them in their studies.”

Stephanie Atencio, the principal of the school said, “The naval officers have them on the edge of their seats with the presentation and the information. They’ve (the students) responded very well.”

Right now, the USS Colorado is under construction in Connecticut, but is expected to join the fleet early next year.

This will be the fourth Navy vessel with the name “Colorado”, the last one was a battleship that served in World War II.

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