CC, GEO Foundation Work Together for Greater Good 

Published on November 17, 2014
By Laurie Laker ’12

“I can’t say enough good things about our relationship with CC,” said Kevin Teasley, the president and founder of the Greater Educational Opportunities (GEO) Foundation. The organization, which has developed a partnership with Colorado College, works to support educational opportunity for children in all systems — public, private, charter, religious, and home.


The relationship between Colorado College and the GEO Foundation is mutually beneficial, Teasley said. One of the chief aims of the GEO Foundation is to help students go to college, and much of their funding goes toward helping high school students take college prep courses.

“CC students are interested in making a difference and increasing college readiness. This partnership does this is a significant way,” said Dean of Students Mike Edmonds.

“Colorado College students who have become fellows at the GEO Foundation have engaged in work that has changed the lives of others,” said Megan Nicklaus, director of the CC career center. “They have had the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities they gained through their Colorado College experience in meaningful and impactful ways, ultimately contributing to the organization’s success as well as their own personal growth.”

In 2005, the GEO Foundation started Pikes Peak Prep, a charter school in Colorado Springs founded to help break the cycle of poverty and educational stagnation. Lauren Schneider ’13 was the first CC student to join the work of the GEO Foundation, serving as a one-year math achievement assistant at Pikes Peak Prep during the 2013-14 academic year.

Since then, CC students have been regulars at the schools where the GEO Foundation works running prominent programs in several locations across the country, including Colorado Springs, Indianapolis, and Gary, Indiana. The current three fellows from Colorado College are working on a variety of projects with the GEO Foundation, including growing community relationships, reading data, and writing grant proposals.

Marina Long ’14 is a business associate fellow in Gary, Indiana, and recently wrote a successful grant proposal for $20,000 to help improve school safety. “She led the effort all on her own,” Teasley said. “Pretty cool!”

Teasley said that “CC graduates are some of the smartest, most capable, and passionate graduates in the country.

“At Pikes Peak Prep, we are looking to have CC students come and be student teachers,” he said. CC students and graduates serve as tutors to current students, and three CC students are serving as advisory board members to the foundation.

“We are proud to partner with GEO because we share a mission to see that all children have access to quality education,” Edmonds said. “Through our partnership, CC students are getting experience working in a high-quality nonprofit organization that helps families access quality education through charter schools. Families in Colorado Springs, our hometown, are directly benefitting from this partnership. It is a win-win for CC, Colorado Springs families and their children.”

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