Omar Musinovic found Gary Middle College on the internet and has been attending as a 10th grader since November 2013.

He initially left George Rogers Clark High School because he had trouble keeping his grades up and was struggling with family issues.

Currently at Gary Middle College, he’s earning A and B grades, and gets along with all of the teachers and students.  When asked what he wants to do after finishing high school, Omar responds, “I want to do mechanical engineering.  Both my dad and uncle are truck drivers, and I always fix engines, so mechanical engineering fascinates me. “ 

“I just can’t wait to start life on my own,” Omar says, after commenting that he would like to attend Florida State University after completing high school at Gary Middle College.  Omar attends Gary Middle College regularly and has had a good experience there. “The teachers don’t go to fast and they are willing to teach us.  They answer all of my questions. I’m doing a lot better here.”


Eventually, Omar would like to work for Mercedes, designing engines.   Good luck Omar—we want to see your name at Mercedes!