Gary Middle College is a place of transformation for many students, including Awanii Nicholson, a 32 year old student who decided to return to school and complete her High School Degree.

Part of Awanii’s success has been her membership in the poetry club, Poetry in Motion, at Gary Middle College, run by the English teacher Ms. Nora Glenn. Awanii has experienced much success through this club, including selling the rights to one of her poems, winning the NWI Times Valentine’s Day Contest, and performing at the Arts in Motion Gala with Ebony and Minnie, two other Poetry in Motion club members.

The Poetry in Motion club and its advisor, Ms. Glenn have enabled all of its members to participate in two day-long Poetry Workshops in Northwest Indiana, and its members have also competed and earned second and third place in the IU-Northwest Poetry Slam. They are also planning on starting up a school literary magazine. Ms. Glenn has been a huge supporter of her students and continuously seeks out opportunities for them to hone their English and poetry skills, compete in literary contests, and grow as students overall. Ms. Glenn is committed—she attends and drives her students to and from day long English workshops on the weekend and has taken them to see the Poet Laureate of Indiana.

Awanii, like many other students at Gary Middle College, is working on completing her High School degree. Awanii spends about 40 hours a week on school work, and in her own words, “Loves attending school at GMC!” She borrows a school computer to work at home and complete her courses more quickly so she can graduate.

Awanii is appreciative of GMC teachers Ms. Glenn and Mr. Frank who have been supportive of her, as well as her children who are proud that their mother is working on her education.