Felicia Nunn may be your child’s pediatrician one day. The straight A Honor society graduate from 21st Century Charter School currently attends the University of Central Arkansas and is in a pre-med program and aims to become a medical student at Yale or Vanderbilt medical schools. Speaking quietly outside of the university library where she studies each night (except for Friday and Saturday nights!) Ms. Nunn describes her 21st Century experience as enriched with academics and activities. Felicia enjoyed the small class sizes, support and high expectations she experienced since the 5th grade at 21C.

While she successfully earned straight As from 7th through 12th grade, Ms. Nunn also kept herself busy with extracurricular activities, from performing the track and field shock put and disc event, band, cheerleading, basketball, and competing with the dance team, Felicia emanates school spirit. She heralded her senior class through Senior year by serving as Student Government president and leading the organization of community service, graduation, and prom. Felicia also served as a volunteer at a local park concerned about endangered species through the AmeriCorps program during her senior year. Outside of school, she is still an active participant at church, and is currently raising money to travel to Rwanda to volunteer teach science for one month. Felicia is a tight time manager and is doing well in all of her classes with her career as a pediatrician always in mind.