Nora Glenn is a catalyst for change in her adult students’ lives. She is full of energy and enthusiasm to work with students who have had a rough past and want to turn their lives around. Ms. Glenn, a new English teacher at Gary Middle College (GMC), a night time high school/GED program operated by the GEO Foundation, is excited to be teaching at this school. She currently teaches English 9 and 10 and Developmental Reading at GMC “Reading is Writing is Reading,” she states.

Ms. Glenn graduated from Valparaiso University and has worked in a variety of educational settings teaching English for 15 years. She has taught 7-12 English, taught in alternative schools, and has worked as a substitute teacher. She is excited to be at Gary Middle College because she believes in her students and their ability to achieve their goals and dreams. Ms. Glenn takes her students’ futures very seriously–a strong part of her class includes collaboration—she encourages the use of the computer and individual work, however, Ms. Glenn retains group work as a class and in small groups as a way of building comprehension and fostering collaboration among classmates. Ms. Glenn works to build a connection between herself and each student, so she can best support them in their learning. She views writing activities and assignments as a release for her students who have struggled in the past and encourages self-expression through writing.

Nora Glenn is invested in the Gary Community, as a tax-payer, Gary public school parent and former Gary Public School English teacher –her daughter attended Gary Public Schools through high school (and now attends Columbia College in Chicago, studying music/singing). Starting off her school year strong, Ms. Glenn is starting a Writing Club for students which will produce a published literature journal for the school. She is recruiting student artists to help illustrate the school literary magazine. Outside of school, Ms. Glenn serves on the Executive Board of Marquette Park Playground Committee, a volunteer group of residents who built and work to maintain the park playground. She also works as a writing consultant.